Mechanical Transmission

About us

The Italian industrial reality is strictly connected with its social structure, and it has continuously integrated itself and joined with its development.
In fact there are many Companies, that, established as small local realities by artisans, have then developed in quality and quantity, up to become the bearing structures of the economy.
This is the case of FMV Mechanical Transmissions, established in the years sixties as a foundry, able to realize different typologies of aluminium shell mold castings, but not specialized in any of them.

In the year '70 the development of the building sector obliges FMV to have a parallel development, and the Company develops and gets specialized in the production of grooved pulleys in aluminium alloy, carrying out not anymore only the metal casting but the whole working process up to the finished product, ready for the installation.
Of course the technical development of the Society involves a natural dimensional development process and a development of the Know-How and the managing team widens thanks to the entry, first, of one of the actual owners, Mr. Sergio Valiani, who cooperates with his father, then of his wife Mrs. Costanza Conti, who begins the same path with a big enthusiasm and dynamism.

Messrs. Fonderia Metalli Valiani, this is the name of the new Company, enters other sectors too, such as the sector of the agricultural machines and of the electric motors, and some years later, the ownership, that is now only of Mr. and Mrs. Valiani, becomes the actual FMV Trasmissioni Meccaniche. The old logo joins the innovatory choices and in the new production reality, the Company carries out not only the casting but also the production and the finishing of belt transmission elements.
Surely the mixing of capability, creativity, competence, quality, about we which we spoke, made Messrs. FMV the supplier of the greatest part of Companies producing building and agricultural machines, electric motors and scaffoldings as well as many other mechanical machines on the domestic market and not only: its products have also an excellent market in France and in Spain and recently they have conquered the market of South Africa too. A story of work, of big passion and will, this one of FMV, a completely Italian Company, which has still a big desire to grow.

Technological innovation

The introduction of a melting robot, designed and built according to the specific exigencies of the Company, together with six shell mold casting machines and four smelting furnaces, the achievement of other technically advanced machines as well as the computerizing process of the Company has pushed in a few years Messrs. FMV to the top of its sector.