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Aluminum shell gravity casting

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FMV trasmissioni meccaniche

Design and production of pulleys and aluminium castings through gravity shell casting, mechanical machining assembling and finished products installation.

Who we are

F.M.V. TRASMISSIONI MECCANICHE is thriving on the market since the 60s. It realises aluminium castings and finished mechanical parts ready to be assembles, either upon customers’ request or in series, all compliant with UNI and DIN rules.

Italy’s industrial reality is tightly connected to its social structure, along whose growth it has developed. Countless are the small companies which, born as small aritsan-driven companies, evolved in terms of quality and quantities becoming the staples of the whole italian economy.
That’s indeed the case of FMV Trasmissioni Meccaniche which was born during the 60s as an aluminium foundry.

Over the 70s, construction sector’s expansion forces FMV to grow up specialising in production of aluminium grooved pulleys, by taking care not only of aluminium smelting, but of the whole machining process up to the finished product ready to be assembled. As the company grows, so grows its Know-how, work force and management: Sergio Valiani and Costanza Conti enter the company in this very moment.

Fonderia Metalli Valiani, back then the name of the company, enters new sectors such as agricultural machines and electric engines. Few years later the company, now totally controlled by Sergio and Costanza Valiani, became FMV Trasmissioni Meccaniche. Its new logo couples with company’s innovative decisions: the firm now takes care not oly of the smelting, but also of the very production and trasmission components trimming.
Nowadays, ability, creativity and expertise make FMV able to supply proficiently the most important companies in the following sectors: building machineries, agricultural machinery (wine, oil, honey etc.) breeding and food machineries, compressors, underwater compressor, tyre changers, electric motors, medical rehabilitation machines, scaffolding, street furniture, illumination many others.

FMV is directly present in the following markets: France, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Ireland, Sweden, Romania and South Africa. Indirectly its products are evenly distributed across the whole globe. It is also thanks to this market, and sector, differentiation that FMV managed to expand its business also during the last economic crisis.

FMV is founding partner of Consortium Italian Technology (, whose venue is in Turin. Together with the Consortium, FMV often takes part to national and international fairs and events of the sector.

That is FMV’s passionate and thriving history, a 100% italian company with a great will to constantly renovate and grow up!

Technological innovation

As to testify the great deal of professionalism and quality of the production, the foundry department is provided with a robotised smelting mechanism supported by 18 die-casting machines and 3 melting furnaces.

The machining department is endowed with broaching machines, drill presses, numerically controlled lathes working along a cutting edge software.

There is also a turning robotised area, unprecedented in the local productive environment.

Since 2009 many working areas are operative. A dedicated measuring room has been deployed, provided with a DEA measurement table, durometer, profilometer, balancing machine and other measurement tools.

An assembly and finished product installation dedicated area has recently been inaugurated.

Over the last decade there was also a strong turn towards digitalisation as to make designing and scheduling processes stronger and more robust.